Why I Cleanse

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

So last week, I made a commitment to myself to do a 14 Day Gut Reset because I have let my health slip a lot lately due to circumstances that felt quite out of my control. First of all, we had a month long trip to Europe in July to visit family and friends which was nothing short of hectic - planes, trains and automobiles non-stop so most food we ate was on the go and poor quality. There simply wasn’t any time for food shopping and preparation like I normally do plus the options was extremely restricted. Slip 1 – tick.

Then of course there was the horrible jet-lag to contend with when we returned, I mean, I could barley function for the entire week we got back so again, take-ways and anything easy for survival. Slip 2 – Tick.

Then due to all the poor quality food, the change in climate and the overall fatigue, our immune systems crashed, we got a virus and literally died for another week. It was awful. Slip 3 – Tick.

And to polish the whole thing off, I was pregnant with baby 2 so again, went into survival mode for the next 6 weeks following all of this. The only thing that would settle my tummy in the first trimester was greasy food. I couldn’t tolerate anything green which was very bizarre considering my love of wholefoods and a veggie garden screaming at me to eat it.

So things have not been good health wise and for me, this is even more of a problem than most people because of my fragile digestive system. But outside of all of that, I think my situation reflects the lives of many people – life happens and we get thrown off track time and time again. And for me, the only way to get back up after a series of events like this is to cleanse.

In fact, I don’t think there is any other way to tackle this issue because a cleanse clears out the system & the toxins which gets rid of the cravings, which gives you a new taste for real food again, which gets you back on form.

Additional to this, a cleanse involves a level of fasting which brings discipline and control back into your life so psychologically, it addresses comfort eating and snacking by re-training yourself to abstain which in effect, is creating new health promoting habits once again.

There is no downside to a cleanse. And the benefits, oh my, the benefits. For me, it’s the glowing skin but most importantly, the renewed energy and the clarity of mind. By fasting and pumping your body with high quality super nutrients, your body and mind get to function at optimal level. Take fasting for example, this allows the body to destroy damaged cells, a process called autophagy, so hello better functioning brain. And with high quality nutrients, your biochemistry is allowed to drive your system at primo level because it has the correct fuel to do so. You literally come off a cleanse super humaned, full of life, vibrant, energetic, powerful and influential. I mean, you feel like you can achieve anything you can put your mind to…and you can because there is no garbage in the bin weighing you down or holding you back.

Imagine functioning like this, living your life at this top level, imagine the effect that would have on others around you and to top it of, who doesn’t want to be around super happy positive inspirational people. That could be you!

I say to people all the time – your body is the most intelligent superior thing you will ever own, you need to treat it with the upmost of respect in order to let it serve you the way it wants to.

Besides the onslaught of pollutants and toxins we are bombarded with everyday, we also fall down every now and that’s ok, it’s life. But we only have one body and to prevent it becoming diseased and sick, we need to constantly access where we are and take control of the situation so we can live a long healthy happy painfree life.

Cleansing is the way to do it.

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