What is mindful eating?

What is Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating is the art of paying attention to what the body really needs (ie, hunger & fullness), to what the mind needs (emotions and thoughts), to experiencing the full pleasure and taste of food without over-eating while at the same time, releasing the guilt and struggle so often experienced with food. It involves cultivating a wise relationship to our bodies, mind and heart using mindfulness meditation and mindfulness practices leading to greater joy, clarity and skilful means to make wise choices that honour health and self-care. In mindful eating programs, tools of inner and outer wisdom, help support each person to make informed, balanced, healthy sustainable choices over a lifetime, while being truly nourished by food and other aspects of their lives on many levels.

It helps clients to resolve a difficult relationship with food, physical activity, and/or self-care by;

· Cultivating awareness of physical sensations, thoughts and emotions

· Re-establishing hunger as the primary cue for eating

· Recognising non-hunger cues for eating

· Learning to meet non-hunger needs in more effective ways than eating

· Choosing foods that provide a balance of nourishment and enjoyment

· Eating for optimal satisfaction and satiety

· Rediscovering joy and vitality in physical exercise

· Utilizing the energy consumed to live healthfully

· Caring for the mind, body, heart and spirit

Mindful eating and living practices have a wide range of applicability including for disordered eating, mindless eating, emotional and stress-related eating, binge eating and obesity issues.

Mindful eating is a comprehensive evidence based program supported by funded research.

It is a non-diet, weight inclusive, body positive approach to health and well-being.

Core Principles of Mindful Eating

· Mindfulness meditation allows you to cultivate your own mindfulness, permitting you to explore your mind intuitively. It provides the ability to practice non-judgmental observation and opens the pathway to mindful eating.

· Non-judgment is a foundational concept in mindfulness - to avoid embarrassment and shame, lethal emotions which destroy motivation, satisfaction, and respect in our relationships.

· It is based on the concept of self-kindness and self-nurturing, each a part of self- compassion.

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