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Updated: Jan 20, 2019

With 2019 upon us, this is the time we start to think about what New Years Resolutions we will make to make this our best year ever and usually in the areas of health, fitness and overall lifestyle improvement. However, according to research, most people will fail with their new goals by the second Friday of January which to us Kiwis, is Jan 11th, a date just around the corner.

To avoid becoming a statistic, there are certain things you can do to set yourself up for success with one of them being to make an appointment with a health coach like myself who will help you find the true long-lasting behaviour modification you are looking for. With my unique and proven 90 Day Program, I can show you how to achieve this through the application of the following ESSENTIAL STEPS which address the nutritional, lifestyle and psychological requirements for change:

Now this guy has it sorted - pamper time!

1. The Right System

Here, we start the process by working together to establish achievable measur

able goals based on your personal interests, your past successes and failures and your readiness to change, goals that are are continually revisited and re-assessed throughout the program. This is followed by the development of new habits in your key focus areas but in a very unique way in order to get them to take root because as we all know, if information was the key to change, then none of us would have any issues considering the amount of it we are exposed to daily. We instead achieve this by creating experiences which is far more fun, effective and engaging, a method you will have to experience to believe. Throughout the journey, constant awareness is brought to the negative limiting beliefs, misconceptions and obstacles that have been holding you back, opening the gateway for self analysis which leads to self-understanding and the application of new beliefs and new perspectives - the real drivers of change.

2. The Right Support

With this essential step, trust is built between coach and client based on genuine compassion, empathy and respect. This is gained by understanding your unique behavioural and emotional needs, by being there for you in a loving and caring way throughout the program and by diffusing any anxieties you may have. Additional to this, the role of a health coach is to predict future slip-up periods and help you to overcome the barriers that are causing them, which allows the strengthening of neural pathways to take place. Without a health coach to pull clients through at these vital points, regressions occur, thus the reason why most people fail with achieving their goals. Working against a lifetime of conditioning and programming is no easy feat hence the reason why willpower and discipline alone will more than likely not get you the results you desire.

3. The Right Accountability

Life is busy, we’re all flat out with a long ‘to do list’ so it is no surprise that we often forget to put ourselves first. Things we know that would really benefit us and our health get put on hold or at the end of the queue. But by having the right accountability in the form of a health coach, you will start to follow through for yourself in a way you have never done before because my job is to keep you moving forward. The beauty of this is that by having accountability support, you will start to gradually become more and more self-reliant, increase your daily motivation and adopt your new healthy habits.

All of these steps are essential in order to create the new lifestyle habits you desire and to prevent the old unhelpful health destroying ones from sneaking back in.

So if what you are doing just isn’t working and you would like a free consultation/breakthrough session to uncover what has been stopping you or slowing you down, book an appointment today – you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

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