Imagine Finally Having the Answers to Creating True Balance in Your Life

Living a balanced life is not an easy accomplishment in the 21st Century simply because we live in a world where it seems impossible to find the time to simply step back, jump off that hamster wheel and demand something more. It may feel as though you’re moving through life as if you have no choices, no purpose or freedom to pursue your highest values and priorities because so many things are competing for your attention

imbalance signs

Your “to do” list appears to be the size of the Empire State building

You have addictions to coffee, alcohol, food

You feel burned out. You’re constantly tired, have headaches, you can't shift weight and/or you are physically unwell.

You feel like you are living someone else’s schedule and have lost your direction.

Your relationships both romantic and platonic are falling apart.

“Learn to slow down, take charge, and create a life you love”

My Coach Tracy


In this program, we will identify what your stress style is and look at how it is showing up in all aspects of your life, creating the imbalances that are leaving you feel worn out and sick. It's all to do with one story about how you feel you 'have to' do life.

I will then show you to slow down & reconnect to your natural rhythms of eating, exercise, and sleep using fun exercises and experiments because hey, if it's not going to be fun, you're probably not going to do it!

The ultimate aim of this program however is to change your stress style and stress response, so you can design a life you love, a life that is unrecognisable to how you were living before. This is my secret sauce that will get you the results you crave, otherwise, you will just go back to old behaviours and habits as soon as we finish our work together.

You will also get all the practical tools you need to put your plan into action - it's a one stop shop.


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"I love that I am leaning into my full potential"



18 months ago, I had a rapid onset of Alopecia Universalis (Total hair loss). I saw lots of specialists but still felt hopeless, until I did one of Tracys' programs that brought aspects of nutrition, self care, psychology, body awareness and exercise together in one package. Having previously felt confused and overwhelmed by all the information out there, I now feel empowered and equipped to take control of my health.

I realise that getting my health right and in balance will be an ongoing journey as it changes with my circumstances but I now have to tools to be able to adapt as necessary. The journey started off looking for answers to regrow my hair but I now realise that my health goals are much more than my hair and i am grateful to my Alopecia for leading me onto this path.

I am not expecting a quick fix or my hair to come back over night but I feel positive that I am on the right track this time.


Having lived for 70 years, I have done a lot of work on myself in the area of self-care so I was dubious that i would learn anything from Tracy's program. However, Tracy's research & enthusiasm both contributed to me (even at this late stage) making really positive changes that have really enhanced my well-being.

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-R. H

"Working with Tracy really helped me to put myself first. I have always been aware of what it means to look after my health and wellbeing but putting it into practice is another matter. Tracy makes it easy to break down the steps and it is so wonderful to have her encouragement and understanding through the whole process. I made so much more progress with Tracy than I could have ever made on my own and feel more clear headed and confident. This program was well worth doing and highly transformational! Thanks Tracy

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