Friends with Food

When it comes to dieting or healthy eating, do you struggle to stay on track?


Do you regularly succumb to temptation, feel guilty or sick, then deprive yourself to get back on track?

Are you finally ready to get out of the food-focused ‘eat-repent-repeat’ cycle, and to learn the key to consistency, to become the person who is no longer controlled by food?

The aim of this program is to help you resolve mindless and emotional eating by getting to the root cause of what is driving your patterns and behaviours so you can have a peaceful joyful relationship with food.

Over 12 Sessions


You will discover how to balance your blood sugar to reduce cravings 


You will uncover the biochemical drivers that drive food obsessive thoughts, cravings and subsequent over-eating & binging

You will map your unique triggers & learn how to identify the different stages of the eating spiral that leads to emotional eating

You will discover the origin of the story that is driving your emotional eating patterns and behaviours


Together, we will transform your story into a new story full of satisfying fulfilling choices to give you the long lasting freedom from food you crave


This is a program of self-discovery that will nourish your mind, heart and spirit, while helping you to create the truly satisfying life you deserve

Sessions & Support

Group or 1-1 Coaching - 12 x 1hour sessions

Please enquire for availability or schedule your free NO OBLIGATION session to discover your emotional eating style and corresponding food behaviours

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"At last I have found a sustainable way to be friends with food "


- L.W

As someone who has suffered from the 'eat, repent repeat' cycle for most of my life I have tried every method on earth to “control” it – most of which have attacked the behaviour (the eating) with no thought given to why I have this issue. With Tracy’s programme it has given me real insight into the ‘Why’ and allowed me to truly reflect on all the various facets of me that make up this behaviour. This programme is so enlightening; it’s realistic so no outlandish and extravagant promises of weight-loss results, the content is robust in that it approaches from so many different angles and contains concepts that I have never considered before, and overall is an innovative formula to support healing from my struggle with food. Tracy is not only knowledgeable in what she coaches, she’s totally human and compassionate. I love that she reinforces over and over that we are looking for “progress not perfection” because it helps to minimise the pressure I tend to place on myself. I cannot recommend working with Tracy highly enough!