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You have landed here because you are tired and overwhelmed, but you are ready for a change. You may have health problems, or struggle with your weight. 


You beat yourself up because you feel you lack discipline and willpower. No matter how hard you try, you are unable to consistently stay on a food plan or diet.

The good news is that there are exact reasons as to why this is happening so if you are ready to uncover the truth and step into the most powerful version of yourself, you are in exactly the right place.


With my fun 'friends with food' program, we will get to the root cause of the unwanted limiting behaviours that you feel are sabotaging you (nothing to do with willpower), and create instead, the life you dream of.


What feels impossible to you today, can be yours tomorrow. 

Let me show you HOW.



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'And one day, she discovered she was strong and fierce'

sick of Fighting Food?

Are you ready to get out of the food focused 'Eat-Repent-Repeat' cycle and learn the key to consistency?

To be the person who is no longer controlled by food?

If YES, schedule a NO OBLIGATION Breakthrough Session to:

Discover your emotional eating style (1 of 4)

Discover how this style determines what, when, how, where & why you eat.  

Discover what will allow you to stay healthy and on-track with food


things to


Your life is not permanent

You are not stuck

You have choices

You are allowed to grow & change

"Saying your program has changed my life is an understatement "

"The Marianna before Tracy's program and the Marianna after are two completely different people. Most of my life, I struggled with food and an inability to manage stress that no doubt caused the ulcers I was diagnosed with in 2008...until I met Tracy. For the first time in my life, I felt heard and not judged. She understood who I was and what I needed to get better so through trust and respect, she gave me the tools and support to completely change my life and my relationship with food for the better. Now, I finally feel like I have control over my life - it is so powerful. I am so grateful that God sent her to cross my path - I highly recommend working with her".

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- M.I

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